How To Support Palestine


Many people support Palestine on principal, but not in action. The goal of this post is not to criticize those people exactly (though there are many valid critiques out there), but help them transition from passive to active support. Supporting Palestine is not dogma, it is not…

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Language, jobs, arts.

So, slowly but surely, I’m trying to reach out to local, national and regional artists. Slooowwly but surely. I experienced this huge amount of…anxiety recently, when trying to talk to one of them… And I think it has something to do with language. It’s really strange. It’s as if I’m trying to regain my confidence in Bosnian. As if I don’t have the confidence to speak up for myself. Or explain the concepts and ideas that I have to personalities who are already established here. 

And I think this heightened anxiety (I’m usually an anxious person) has something to do with the fact that I studied the past 6 (!) years in English. Ironically, even this semi-liberation post is in English. English has really capitalized on my theoretical ponderings and realizations that would “set me free” from normative thinking structures. 

It’s kind of rough to practice deconstruction and progressive thinking…on your own… In a way, I feel like I’m trying to restrain myself from being re-dociled into the linguistic structures that my mother tongue creates, and that I may experience as…constrictive. 

Yeah…I don’t know. Maybe I need to talk to more people with liberal arts degrees who also speak Bosnian. 

Maybe I need a vacation from spoken language. Maybe I should dance for the next moth.


New piece.

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Jasper movement research.

Check out my awesome friend doing movement research for her new performance art piece. I’ll be starring in it too! 

The blog is a research blog about it. There might be livestreaming. 

Get excited. Get hyped. 

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So I’ve been feeling really bitchy lately…

This video pretty much sums up why I love Miles Jai!